Insurance is a crucial part of your financial security. It can also be costly and difficult to understand. We are here to help you make sense of it all and find the most affordable solution to protect you, your family, and financial assets. 


A homeowners insurance policy consists of coverage for your dwelling and your personal property. It also includes liability insurance


Since no one can predict how much a judge may award the injured person, umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy anymore, but a needed protection for every policyholder.


If you are not required to insure your boat, it is important you still consider purchasing boat insurance. Boat insurance works similar to the insurance for your car, and can protect in the same way.


When you buy an auto insurance policy, you are buying a package of individual coverages. Each coverage protects you against different types of losses.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation protects your employees should an injury occur during the course of employment. Payments are made to the injured party and can consist of medical payments, loss of wages or therapy.


There are many types of life insurance to fit individual needs and circumstance.


We are a full-service insurance agency, offering leading National and Regional insurance carriers.


Motorcycle Insurance typically offers a combination of collision, liability, theft, and related coverage designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcycle owners.

Your ultimate insurance provider for Home, Auto, Life, Commercial, or any coverage you require.

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About MIG


Madison Insurance Group is an independent agency, powered by dozens of top-rated insurance carriers. Our aim is to be your ultimate insurance provider for Home, Auto, Life, Commercial, or any coverage you require.


Whether your insurance needs are commercial or personal, Madison Insurance Group is committed to providing you with a policy tailor-made to suit your needs and wants. We have a team of easily accessible, knowledgeable insurance professionals that will be excited to assist in finding the perfect policy for you.


Our goal here at Madison Insurance Group is to provide the highest quality insurance products and services at a competitive, affordable price. We strive to make sure every customer is shown the utmost level of professionalism and care, and we’re confident that you’ll be extremely satisfied with your experience.


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